Resources for Research

You have the unique opportunity as a graduate or professional student to take advantage of exciting and rewarding research, scholarly and professional development while at Pitt and beyond.

The University of Pittsburgh has surpassed a landmark of $1 billion in research expenditures, placing the University among an elite national cohort of higher education research peers. Learn more about research at Pitt in the University of Pittsburgh Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research 2022-23 Annual Report.

Major Areas of Interdisciplinary Research

With 16 schools, thriving multidisciplinary centers, and close ties to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pitt research reaches across disciplines. Pitt researchers also collaborate with colleagues from 80-plus other universities—including nearby Carnegie Mellon University—and corporate partners near Pitt's urban campus. Find more information on the multidisciplinary research areas where Pitt is a current or emerging leader.

Fellowship Opportunities

We encourage students to apply for fellowships and grants to support their research. Below are some of the major national fellowships available for graduate study.

Graduate Faculty Roster

Membership in the graduate faculty of the University of Pittsburgh signifies that a faculty member possesses the expertise in research and the experience in supervising graduate students to be qualified to direct doctoral dissertations and serve as a member of doctoral candidates' examining committees.

This roster was prepared to assist in the selection of dissertation major advisors and the formation of doctoral committees.


The Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) is centered on the belief that providing resources to the research community ensures the conduct of ethical research and the protection of individuals who participate in the wide array of projects available across campus. Our professional staff, many of whom have backgrounds in research, assist teams in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. 

ULS and Library Services

Pitt's University Library System offers support for each step of a graduate student's academic path.