Graduate Faculty Roster

Graduate Faculty

Membership in the graduate faculty of the University of Pittsburgh signifies that a faculty member possesses the expertise in research and the experience in supervising graduate students to be qualified to direct doctoral dissertations and serve as a member of doctoral candidates' examining committees.

This roster was prepared to assist in the selection of dissertation major advisors and the formation of doctoral committees.

The information provided is sorted in two ways: alphabetically by last name for all responsibility centers and alphabetically within each responsibility center by department.

For each faculty member, the department, name, and rank (primary classification) is provided. Click the button below to access.

Graduate Faculty Dashboard

The roster is prepared by the Office of the Provost and is updated weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to be added to the graduate faculty?

The nomination process begins within each school. Criteria to be added to the graduate faculty varies by school. Find the appropriate person to contact within your school at Graduate Faculty Contacts by School.

Upon completion of the review, the school’s contact (or Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences) will recommend approval to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, who grants final approval.

If my primary faculty appointment changes schools or departments, do I need to apply for graduate faculty status again?

No, though reviewed and recommended for approval at the school level, graduate faculty is a University-level status.

If I leave the University of Pittsburgh as a member of the graduate faculty and later return, do I need to go through the review process again?

Yes, schools may choose to expedite a nomination under this circumstance.

What happens to my graduate faculty status if I transition to emeritus status?

If you have graduate faculty status and transition to emeritus status, you will remain on the graduate faculty roster. If you find that you no longer on the roster, please contact your school to have this corrected.

Does earning tenure automatically give me graduate faculty status?

No, nomination to the graduate faculty is separate from the tenure and promotion process.

Can an adjunct professor be granted graduate faculty status?

Yes, Regulations Governing Graduate Study states: Membership in the Graduate Faculty shall be of two classes, “Regular” and “Adjunct.” Regular membership shall be recommended for full-time faculty members or part-time, tenure stream members of the University faculty who are approved to direct graduate study and research at all levels. Adjunct membership shall be recommended for persons whose primary responsibility is outside the University but who hold a part-time faculty appointment and are approved to direct graduate study and research at all levels.

If I am a visiting faculty or under committee review (School of Medicine status), can my graduate faculty status be approved?


Who do I contact if my name disappears from the graduate faculty roster?

Please contact