The University of Pittsburgh provides funding to most admitted PhD students for five years. The typical package of stipend, individual health insurance, and tuition remission offered to graduate students at Pitt is competitive with that offered by other public research universities.

2023–2024 Stipend Rates

Stipends for Graduate Student Researchers (GSR), Graduate Student Assistants (GSA), Teaching Assistants (TA), Teaching Fellows (TF)

The one-term stipend rates, effective September 1, 2023, for the 2023-24 academic year are below.

Appointment Minimum Stipend
Graduate Student Researcher $10,000/term
Graduate Student Assistant $10,000/term
Teaching Assistant $10,745/term
Teaching Fellow $11,170/term

Note: The maximum one-term stipend rate for GSR/GSA/TA/TF is $13,330.

GSR/GSA/TA/TF appointments also include individual health insurance coverage in the UPMC Health Plan for students at no cost and a full or partial tuition scholarship including most fees.

For complete details on GSRs and TAs/TFs/GSAs including benefits, see the GSR Academic Regulations and the TA/TF/GSA Academic Regulations.


Current students can contact the Graduate Associate Deans or the School Ombudspersons for questions.

Interested applicants can contact directly the school or program you are interested in to determine the availability for graduate appointments.