The University of Pittsburgh provides funding to most admitted PhD students for four to five years and has established a variety of opportunities for students to obtain additional funding.  The typical package of stipend, individual health insurance, and tuition remission offered to graduate students at Pitt is competitive with that offered by other public research universities.

As an example, for the 2022-2023 academic year, support for a teaching assistant appointed in Arts and Sciences—the home of the largest number of Pitt graduate students—was worth approximately $62,170 for an in-state student and $79,535 for an out-of-state student. Over five years, this appointment would be worth approximately $310,870 for an in-state student and $397,680 for out-of-state student (in fiscal year 2023 dollars). 

As another example, in 2022-2023 a supported graduate student researcher in the School of Engineering receives overall support from the University including: $49,714 (engineering tuition and fees) + $31,215 (stipend) + $5,102 (health insurance) = $86,031. This support is guaranteed for four years if the student remains in good standing.