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The University of Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of financial awards as well as teaching and research positions for graduate students. 

Graduate Fellowships, Teaching Fellowships (TFs), Teaching Assistantships (TAs), Graduate Student Assistantships (GSAs), Traineeships, and Tuition Scholarships are awarded by individual schools or programs. 

Research grants funded by government and private agencies provide a variety of full-time and part-time research positions for graduate students as Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs). Contact directly the school or program you are interested in to determine award availability.

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Financial awards, including graduate student researcher (GSR) positions, teaching fellowships (TFs), teaching assistantships (TAs), graduate student assistantships (GSAs), and other fellowships, are awarded by individual schools or programs, typically as part of an admission offer. You will contact directly the school or program you are interested in to determine award availability.

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Stipends at Pitt are generally determined by position (graduate student assistant, teaching assistant, teaching fellows, or graduate student researcher).

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Internal Funding Opportunities

Learn more about the Pitt2Pitt Scholarship, Provost's Development Fund, travel funding, and more of Pitt's internal funding opportunities

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External Funding Opportunities

Review external funding opportunities such as the Community of Science Pivot, fellowship opportunities for PhD students, the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program, and more.

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Fellowship Opportunities

The University of Pittsburgh encourages students to apply for fellowships and grants available internally from Pitt, as well as from national, international, industrial or foundation sources. Below we have listed some of the major national fellowships available for graduate study.

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Financial Aid

The University has established a variety of financial aid funding opportunities for graduate and professional students.