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Welcome to Graduate Career Foundations

This new learning resource gives graduate students from all disciplines the opportunity to develop core career-readiness competencies to ensure their professional success beyond graduation.

Powered by Suitable, the platform hosts workshops and schedules of events that students complete or attend to develop competencies. Once completed, these achievements can be shared via a linked e-portfolio.

More workshops will be added as they are released on the University Calendar, so please check back for updated offerings!

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The career-ready competencies covered by this resource include:

  • Communication and Networking: Learn to communicate in a clear and organized manner so that others can effectively understand. Also acquire communication skills with respect to diversity of learning styles, varied individual communication abilities, and cultural differences.
  • Cultural Awareness (DEAI): Enhance your awareness of multiple cultural perspectives to help you make inclusive and equity-minded decisions. Applying inclusive and equitable practices can influence individual and systemic change, and lead to personal growth.
  • Leadership and Management: Develop your ability to motivate and inspire others by encouraging them and by building mutual trust. In addition, gain the skills needed to plan, initiate, manage, complete, and evaluate projects.
  • Research and Analytical Thinking: Practice how to accurately summarize and interpret data with an awareness of biases that may impact outcomes. Then learn to effectively communicate actions and rationale, recognizing the diverse perspectives.
  • Self-Exploration and Personal Development: Identify areas for continual growth while pursuing and applying feedback. Also, learn to develop plans and goals for one’s future career.
  • Teaching: Develop core skills like instructional delivery, classroom management, and effective assessment methods to improve learner engagement and their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts, and processes.

How-To Guide

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