Summer 2022 Appointment Policies

From: Vice Provost for Graduate Studies 

Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 

To: Graduate Associate Deans 

Subject: Changes in summer GSR/GSA/TA/TF appointment policies

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, effective Summer Term 2022, graduate students with GSR/GSA/TA/TF appointments will no longer need to register for credits or full-time dissertation study during the summer as long as they also have an appointment in the preceding (spring) or following (fall) term. 

Additionally, the requirement in the Regulations Governing Graduate Study that states that graduate students “must be registered in the term in which they take preliminary and comprehensive examinations” is suspended for the Summer 2022 term. We are currently working on a permanent change to this policy to align with the change to the summer registration policy.

We will soon be updating the Office of the Provost - Graduate Studies website with the updated policy (and we will share the links with you when available), but in the meantime, please share this email with other graduate administrators and program directors. 

Dr. Amanda Godley 
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning and Leading